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All the below training opportunities are available for a fee.  When you book a training event with us, the proceeds go directly into providing FREE advocacy for victims of sexual violence.  We do not charge our survivors, they have been through enough.  

Training Opportunities


How Trauma Informed Care Can Increase Conviction Rates

Its hard enough to get a victim of sexual violence to report, but sometimes it feels even harder trying to get them justice.  Learn how trauma informed care can help the victim heal while getting them justice.  

Aggressive Advocacy: How to Provide Top Level Care in Increasingly Challenging Circumstances

Victim Advocates are at the front lines in supporting our victims of sexual assault.  But who do they turn to when they've exhausted every tool in their kit bag?  Or what happens when the perpetrator is in a position of power?  We will unpack these scenarios (and more) to assist our relentless advocates in their pursuit of justice.  

Effectively Influencing Challenging Leaders

When military or community leaders have difficulty understanding how sexual assault affects their footprint, it can feel deflating.  Moreover, they are likely concerned about a myriad of issues, and sexual assault is a competing priority.  As a result, we have developed strategies to get them committed to addressing this systemic problem, while folding it seamlessly into their organization.  

Transgender Advocacy

Cultural competence is key when providing support to our Transgender Community.  We must lead from the front to ensure that appropriate resources are offered and create a welcoming space that supports their needs.  Let Z Shane Zaldivar, a Trans Marine Veteran and former Director of the Trans Lifeline, guide your discussion.  His breadth of knowledge and experience is remarkable, and we are lucky to have him as one of our supporters.   

How Trauma Effects the Brain......and their Testimony

When someone experiences a traumatic event, their brain files the information away differently.  Sometimes this is misinterpreted and that can affect whether or not justice is served.  Learn how we address that and how to ensure others understand this dynamic as well.    

Effectively Managing the Domestic Violence Call

When law enforcement gets a DV call, it can be one of the most dangerous calls they get.  And what do they do when they get called to the same house, again, and again, and again?  Understanding the dynamic of this call is critical and law enforcement is at the front lines.  Learn how to effectively respond and keep the community safe.    

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Congressional Advocacy

 Service Members have been victims of sexual violence for years.  But in spite of the military's efforts to combat sexual assault, more Service Members are becoming victims.  Consequently, we leverage our Congressional contacts to advocate for our survivors.  Many have been forced to suffer in silence, told to "suck it up," or that they "aren't' a team player."  The way we see it, there is nothing more noble than standing up for what is right.  And we will stand with you.     


Peer Support Network

As part of the healing process, many of our survivors find strength in helping others through this challenging time.  Join our Peer Support Network and we will put you in contact with someone who has walked in your shoes.  You are not alone.  Let someone provide you a map through the maze you are traveling.    


Legal Assistance

Our Staff Attorney knows how you feel, because she has been there.  When you feel like you've exhausted your options, give us a call and she may be able to guide you into another direction.  Some clients have an actionable claim.  If there is a legal angle that can be worked, we will refer you an Attorney in our network for assistance.